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Travelogue Thursday: Ecuador

Travelogue Thursday July 25 copy

This Thursday as I think back on my world travels, I am reminded of my adventure in the cloud forests of Ecuador. This pristine natural area is beyond beautiful with its magnificent giant trees and bright pink & purple flowers. On our way to an amazing ecolodge called Bella Vista, I had the opportunity to zip line across the valley of the cloud forest. Our group climbed up the mountain to the first line, where a map showed the course – with a long series of zip lines stretching out zig-zag across the valley. The sign read, “Once you start, you must finish all zip lines to get to the pick up point. NO TURNING BACK!”

Taking the first leap was the most difficult. The first zip line was terrifying. And, if I’d of had a choice, I probably would have stopped there. But the sign told the truth; there was absolutely no turning back. So, onward I went, terrified and wondering how it was I had ended up in this particular place. I mean, how exactly did my body end up in a harness clipped onto a cable stretched above the trees across a massive valley in the cloud forest of Ecuador? It wasn’t until the third or fourth time that I was able to really pause and take in the scenery along the line. As I soared across the valley like a bird I looked all around me and it was truly breathtaking. I’ll never forget the freedom, the lightness, and the liberty of those moments up in the air with the clouds. Every time after that I got braver until on my final time I felt almost like I was meditating, completely calm and at peace in the air. I’m so glad I took that leap. I’m thankful there was no turning back.

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