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Peony by Juana Maria

5-1 MOM Peony

This beautiful peony painting is by my mother, Juana Maria Plum. It is part of a series she is working on now where she creates flowers on watercolor cards and sends them off in the mail to brighten people’s day. This one arrived and brought so much light into my house!

I love the sturdy stem & leaves contrasted with the freedom of the pink flower, just flowing freely up & outward toward the sky.


-Emily Lupita 

* Prints & cards of this painting are now available in my online Gallery & Artwork Shop at the link above.*

3 thoughts on “Peony by Juana Maria”

  1. The flower looks so different on line. Never dreamed that something I made would be seen by others in this way. Hope it brightens your day!


    1. Hi Jean, You are the wonderful person who inspired her to start making this most recent set of cards. She was so grateful to you for your kindness on her birthday & wanted to do something extra special to say thank you. I’m so happy you liked it! I treasure mine as well. 🙂


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