Q & A: Where Do You Paint?


Where do you paint?

My favorite place to paint is next to the window in my studio room in the mornings.  I play uplifting music, open the windows, make a nice tea, and spend some quality time with my colors to start my day. My dogs love it, too, and sit at my feet or up on the arm of the sofa to watch me paint.


Sometimes I enjoy going outside to sit on my rose garden bench to paint. I like to watch the world going by and it is always a good way to meet new neighbors. My mom and I are planning to go to the Botanical Garden to paint the next time she comes for a visit. Can’t wait!

Where do you like to paint? Do you ever go to coffee shops or parks or mountain tops to be inspired?


-Emily Lupita

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mom says:

    I like to paint on my art desk in my room (studio). I do not paint anywhere else but i also like having music and the company of my dogs while I paint. In the past when i lived in the country I liked painting outside, Living in town the traffic and people distract me so i paint in the seclusion of my room. I miss the quietness of living in the country. There was much more natural harmony that inspired me.


  2. Danielle says:

    I like to paint at Luisa’s dining room table with screen walls, surrounded by green tall plants in Mexico.


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