This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: Artistic Inspiration

2-1 Pearl Earring

Artistic inspiration comes in many forms. This past weekend I went to see the Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer at the Atlanta High Museum of Art. I loved being back in the art museum, surrounded by beauty in all its many forms. When I got home, I was looking at the museum’s website and found their “Go Girl” gallery. It offers a chance to be “part of the exhibit” by adding yourself to their online gallery – complete with Vermeer’s famous pearl earring and headscarf.
Lupita with a Pearl Earring
I found this hilarious and, of course, submitted my own photo right away, not wanting to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience to laugh at myself dressed as a famous painting. I showed the picture to my husband and he thought it was great. He suggested that I try to paint my own Lupita version of the famous painting, based on this silly photo. I wasn’t so sure…but he kept encouraging me. So, I played around with it, trying all sorts of new things…and eventually this new painting emerged.

2-1 Pearl Earring

I was delighted – most of all because I had such a good time doing it – I was like a little kid again with my paints designing away on a rainy day. But also because it felt like I was trying something new and I got to grow a bit as an artist. Once I got over the initial fear of making a mistake (the first couple versions I painted I had to throw away), I just really enjoyed creating & exploring the space on my art board. Then once the painting was finished, I had fun pairing it with a couple different paper backgrounds in purple.

My previous visit to the art museum was in May with my mother and a group of close friends to see the Frida & Diego exhibit, which was just beyond stunning & still stays with me to this day. I’m hoping one of these days another wave of inspiration will roll in from that experience…can’t wait to see where the tides will take me next.

What inspires you to create? Are there specific places you go to soak up the creative spirit?


-Emily Lupita

Featured Painting: “Lupita with a Pearl Earring” watercolor & ink on Canson art board by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu, 2013

Prints & Canvas & iPhone Case Available Here:

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  1. Mom says:

    Nature has always inspired me to paint, especially flowers. Flowers are so magical and beautiful its truly amazing how they just appear and they disappear so quickly. I love visiting gardens of all kinds.


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