This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress



This week I’ve been working on a special painting in my Lupita Portrait series titled, “Ashley in a Green Dress.” It features my Ashley Lupita, based on my beautiful sister-in-law. 
6-1 Portrait Ashley Green Dress

In this painting, Ashley has bright pink wings and wears a brilliant green dress. When I made this painting I was thinking about all the wonderful things Ashley has done for our family, and how she brings her great strength and compassion with her wherever she goes.

August 18 2013_1

I’ve been enjoying adding various backgrounds to this painting for different effects. Here are a few different versions. I am thinking this series would make cool greeting cards someday.


-Emily Lupita

Featured Painting:

“Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress”

Irodori watercolors & Sakura ink on Canson art board

From the Lupita Portraits watercolor series by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu, 2013

Prints, cards & iphone cases of this painting now available in my Gallery & Artwork Shop or at this direct link:

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  1. Juana Plum says:

    I really like the eyes and her earrings and dress, I think you should paint one without wings.


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