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Week 2 of Kickstarter & New Designs


This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

I’m entering Week 2 of my month-long Kickstarter project here at Emily Lupita Studio. I’m so grateful to the 13 people who backed my project in its first week & to those who’ve shared the project link with others. It’s exciting to see that I have almost 30% of my funding goal, but nerve-wracking to know I have a whole 70% to go in the next 3 weeks in order to make the book a reality.

I’ve been working hard on finalizing the letter designs for the book. I have two new designs – “E” is for Encouragement and “I” is for Imagination. They make me smile!

WEB BOOK I is for Imagination 3

I’ve also started designing the definition pages that will face the letter pages. I made mark ups using a book of the same size to be able to format the layout correctly. Here are the first two pages – a glimpse of what the book will be like when finished.


I’m just praying the Kickstarter campaign will be successful so I will be able to send the finished book files to the printer in November.

Thanks for all your encouragement!

-Emily Lupita

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