Week 3 of Kickstarter: Poster Design & Definition Pages


This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

Week 3 of my month-long Kickstarter project has started and a huge thank you goes out to the 11 wonderful people who backed my project in the second week.  I now have 47% of the pledges needed to make the book a reality. But I still need to raise more than half of my funding goal in the next two weeks, so the butterflies in my stomach are growing.

I had a beautiful moment this week when I finally finished the alphabet poster, something I’ve been slowly working toward for years. Each letter represents an original watercolor painting & design process that was a labor of love. The day I finished it also happened to be my 36th birthday, so I felt like this was a good sign I’m on the right path.


The definition pages are slowly emerging – I’m all the way to “hope.” I’m writing my own definitions for each word based on the traditional Oxford Dictionary, but modified with my own feelings & experience with the word. Two of my favorite definition pages so far are Dreamer & Friendship.

DREAMER Definition Page

Thanks for all your encouragement!

-Emily Lupita

Kickstarter Project Link:


FRIENDSHIP Definition Page

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