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The Artist’s Alphabet Paintings

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio:

One of the most amazing parts of The Artist’s Alphabet Book Project has been creating special paintings for my fabulous group of Kickstarter art collectors.

GIFT Emily Lupita
Emily Lupita with her commissioned watercolor paintings, “Gift.”

I wanted to share a few photos of  some of the alphabet paintings I’ve been working on in my studio. I hope you can see the happiness and joy surrounding this project through these photos.

L is for Love EMILY LUPITA
Emily Lupita with her “L” is for Love watercolor painting.
Emily Lupita painting early in the morning. "I" is for Imagination watercolor painting commissioned artwork.
Emily Lupita painting early in the morning with her “I” is for Imagination watercolor painting.

I’m all finished now with my 2013 Kickstarter art book project…It was so fun and I’ll miss it so much!  It has been a wonderful journey and I’m excited for what the New Year will bring.

"A" is for artist watercolor painting by Emily Lupita.
“A” is for artist watercolor painting by Emily Lupita.

Sending wishes to you & your family for a very happy holiday season,

-Emily Lupita

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1 thought on “The Artist’s Alphabet Paintings”

  1. Hi Lupita,

    I love these pictures – it does seem like you’ve been working quite a long time on those type of paintings. Its great to see you finished your project and it’s been successful in many ways. These paintings will bring a lot of joy to the people that have them. I’m sure they will cherish them. Great job, Lupita!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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