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Follow Your Dreams Project

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on my studio blog and I have several exciting things to share. Returning readers will notice the new look to the website featuring designs from my newest art project.

The path is still taking shape, but I wanted to share some of my first designs for what I’m calling my “Follow Your Dreams” project. I chose this name because this was the very first design I made. It was inspired by my wonderful niece and her love of archery.

My last big art project, The Artist’s Alphabet book, took me more than a decade to finish. I’m hoping this new project won’t take me soo soo long…but I know it will be an extended journey so I wanted to be sure it is filled with things I love.

That’s why I took some time to really focus on developing my ideas for what I want this new art adventure to look like. Of course, when I think of loveliness…my two mini dogs immediately come to mind and I made a design featuring them next.

 The designs are made from my original ink drawings. This one below of the mountains came together all at once while listening to Deepak Chopra’s meditations. When I felt the peaceful flow of this design I somehow knew I was headed in the right direction.

Reflect. I framed this one and put it on my desk to remind me about my desire to reflect my inner artist as I develop this new project.

I’m excited to start this new journey and grateful to have you as my companion. Starting something new gives me butterflies…

Butterfly Ink ONly
my butterfly ink drawing – colored version coming soon!

Sending happiness,

-Emily Lupita

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