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Where You Go I Will Go

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio

The Follow Your Dreams Project is going strong with several new designs coming to life. One of my favorites is this new art print featuring two winged elephants, first in ink then in color, framing the quote, “Where you go I will go. Where you stay I will stay.”


I made this design after finding a second elephant ink drawing in a random folder. For some reason these winged elephants I drew years ago really speak to me now. I wonder how many more are out there hiding in my studio, just waiting to be re-discovered?


I know this is how creativity works sometimes, in large loops, but it still surprises and delights me how (and when) inspiration shows up. The elephants gave me that spark I needed to start creating more freely in this new medium of ink and illustration.


I made a few trees, this being the one I ended up illustrating. The trees led to flowers, which became more & more detailed and eventually resulted in this tulip design, looking very Turkish.


I got excited about the new designs pouring out and ended up re-designing my blog & website with the new images. I’m not exactly sure where all of this creativity will lead, but that’s part of the adventure and right now I’m just enjoying being along for the ride.

new website logo design
new website logo design


On Creativity:

This week I’m wondering about inspiration…how it works, why it works, where does it come from? I’m interested to know how inspiration appears/works in your life. Have you ever created or been inspired by something and then forgotten it, only to have it re-appear at the most opportune time, like my winged elephants? If so, I’d love for you to share in the comments section below.

Inspiration March 07

Sending wishes for a beautiful (and inspirational) weekend,

-Emily Lupita


New in Emily Lupita’s Etsy Shop

* “Where you go I will go. Where you stay I will stay.” winged elephant art print ~ here  ~

* Original ink drawing “Winged Elephant #1” ~ here ~

* The Artist’s Alphabet book now available  ~ here ~  

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* Artist’s Alphabet book page  ~ here ~

Illustrations March 07 2014

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“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.”           -M.C. Richards

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2 thoughts on “Where You Go I Will Go”

  1. I love the second elephant! Do you have a folder of just one item like all the flowers that you have designed? I really love the one you just designed but I also wanted to see all of the others. I know you have designed quite a few.

    Keep the creative spark alive, you are doing great!


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