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Creative Inspiration: The Flowers of Spring

Looking to Nature for Inspiration:

Peace Blossoms Spring in Atlanta

This week’s inspiration came in the form of these beautiful peach blossoms growing outside my studio window. Spring has at last arrived here in Georgia and we are thrilled. I realize now looking at these flowers that my artwork for the past month has been centered around Spring colors – soft greens, subtle pinks, lilac purple hues. It’s so nice to see these colors coming back to us again around the neighborhood.

Lampwork glass beads by Emily Lupita Studio

These blossoms inspired me to get back into the glass studio and make some lilac colored beads. Here they are fresh out of the cooling blanket – still on the mandrel rods. I was going for an abstract look of the peach blossoms, but in glass form. It was a fun project…I’ll post a picture of the beads again once I have them all cleaned out and fancy.

Your Inspiration:

Do you get inspired by nature? I’d love to know what inspires you in the great outdoors.

Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

~Emily Lupita

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