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Evolution of an Owl

The View From My Art Desk

I’m working on a new series of owl paintings. I wanted to share the evolution of how I develop a painting. First I sketch out the basic ink drawing several times to get the design I’m envisioning in my mind. I use sketch paper and go through piles & piles!

Sweet Owl 1Then I add in special aspects like crowns, bubbles, stripes and flowers to give the design the light-hearted character I try to have in all my Lupita paintings.

Sweet Owl 2

Once the design is all set, I draw it on watercolor paper and start the color selection.

Owl 1

I love to combine unexpected colors and I try to always use a touch of bright pink.

3 OWLS 5_Ink DrawingAnd here she is – my first owl painting. I’m calling it “Sweet Owl” and hope to make a few more Lupita Owls over the next couple of days. 3 Sweet Owl_ETSY 1


This painting is now up in my online Art Shop ~ here  and I hope to take it in to the MSAA Gallery later on this week.

Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

~Emily Lupita


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