A Family Day of Art, Music & Culture

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

I had a wonderful surprise this week – my family came to visit! My Uncle Gabe, Tía Maria, and cousins Zach & Jacob Gutierrez came to town. We went to see my artwork on display at the MSAA Gallery and I was so happy to share this special space with them.

Emily Lupita Studio MSAA Gallery


We also had a nice time looking at all the beautiful things in The Local Exchange boutique downstairs from the MSAA Gallery. Here we’re checking out some of my art prints &  jewelry for sale in the store. I had fun explaining the process for how I create my artwork jewelry from my paintings & also how I make my handmade glass beads in the flame.

Emily Lupita Studio The Local Exchange

It was a joy having them in town and being able to show them my artwork. Afterwards we went to my cousins’ percussion competition in Atlanta, attended an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, and had fabulous Thai food. It was a wonderful family day full of art, music & culture.

Marietta Fountain
Zach, Alper, Emily Lupita, Tía Maria, Jacob, Uncle Gabe


Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita


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