An Interview With The Youth Museum

This Week At Emily Lupita Studio – An Interview With The Youth Museum:

I had the wonderful experience of being invited to The Youth Museum here in Marietta. This non-profit museum is located near Marietta High School in a beautiful and serene forest park full of lovely trees. Ms. Anita Vannice, the 2014 Auction Co-Chair, was a wonderful host and showed me around the museum.

flying pink girl with wings by artist Emily Lupita

I donated one of my original Lupita watercolor paintings for the silent auction at the museum’s annual fundraising event this coming weekend. I chose the “Lupita with Pink Dragonfly Wings” painting because children love bright colors and this is a very bright & joyful Lupita.

flying pink girl with wings by artist Emily Lupita


The Youth Museum, Marietta, GA – Interview

Thank you to Ms. Anita Vannice for this great interview!

What is the mission of The Youth Museum? 

The Youth Museum is a non-profit educational resource center offering children the opportunity to learn about significant historical, social, and cultural events through instructional activities which integrate arts and education while emphasizing personal involvement and participation.

What age groups does it serve and how can tours be arranged?
Our current exhibit, “America’s Pathways to Independence” is based on the Georgia Performance Standards for 4th grade, and our tours are primarily made up of 4th grade classes.  However, some schools choose to send 3rd graders or even 5th graders if they are covering this time period in their social studies class that year.

To arrange a tour for your class, please call the Youth Museum at 770-427-2563.  We do 2 tours a day (weekdays only), 9:30am and 11:30am.

What are some activities visitors experience when they come to the museum?

Students who come to the Youth Museum will see and participate in historical events that led to the eventual winning of our independence.  This is done through skits that are integrated into the story being told by the costumed docent.  Students will see and participate in historical events such as protest meetings, the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s ride, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Yorktown, and the writing of the Constitution, just to name a few.

When I took the tour, you described how you integrate performance art into the history lessons. I thought this was so wonderful! Can you talk more about this and how performance art can add value to learning?

The performance comes in when students get to put on costumes and portray actual people from this time period in our history in the format of a small skit that is acting out an actual historical event.  When we train the students for their skit, we also get an opportunity to talk about their particular person and also fill in some details regarding the event.  This one-on-one interaction along with the performance and watching of the skits gives texture to the material students learn in the classroom.  It gives the history more context and shape so that it is no longer just facts read from a book.

The Youth Museum also puts on a puppet show about historical events.


The annual fundraiser for the museum is coming up soon. How can people get involved with the fundraiser to support the museum?

Please come out and enjoy our 12th annual Barbecue in the Woods and Silent Auction on September 6, 5-8pm at the museum. (Located at 649 Cheatham Hill Drive, Marietta, GA.)  Eat some great barbecue provided by BBQ-1, listen to music by the Old Mill Road Band, and even bid on our silent auction items.  Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for kids (6-12). We have great silent auction items such as tickets to various events around Marietta, an overnight at the Lodge & Spa at Callaway Gardens, a hot air balloon ride, some great wine (individual bottles and baskets) and, of course, some great art by local artists… including Emily Lupita!
You can call the museum to reserve your tickets at 770-427-2563 or you may pay at the door.  Please park at the Marietta High School parking lot (1171 Whitlock Ave.) or in the Kennesaw Mountain NBP Cheatham Hill Drive lot.  Shuttle transportation will be provided.  This is a rain or shine event.



Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita


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  1. evaschulte1 says:

    So inspiring and beautiful!

    Eva Schulte



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