2015 – The Year of Flowers

2015 – A Year of Flowers – This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

Happy New Year!

I love New Year’s Day. This is a wonderful time to reflect on our journey and look forward to the coming year. My New Year’s resolution for my artwork this year is to keep my heart open to the awesome possibilities and opportunities that await my creative spirit, however (and whenever/wherever ) they may manifest.


Within that overall resolution, I do have one specific goal. I’d like to start (and finish) a “Yearly Project” – a self-imposed ritual where an artist makes the same thing (one thing) every week for an entire year and shares it with the world. No skipping. The purpose of this type of project, as I see it, is to instill a sense of routine, to be responsible for sharing once a week, to develop my technique, and just generally not to allow myself to give up on painting.


So, I’ve decided that 2015 will be A Year of Flowers. I’ll be making one flower every week for the whole year and sharing it here. Those are the only guidelines…it could be a simple ink drawing of a single flower or a complete watercolor garden painting. Or maybe Lupita with a flower in her hair.


And so my A Year of Flowers project begins with my first flower. I painted a garden of peonies (above) and then added a bright yellow background (below) to create a joyful, happy art print.

[ The art print is now available here. ]

[I’ve just created a special page for photos from this project on my website here.]

“Peonies” by artist Emily Lupita – A Year of Flowers 2015

Sending wishes for a Happy New Year!

May your garden be full of flowers,

❤ ~Emily Lupita

A Year of Flowers


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