Week 5 – A Year of Flowers 2015 – “Rainbow Blossoms”

A Year of Flowers 2015 – Week 5 at Emily Lupita Studio

Week 5 of my A Year of Flowers art project.


This week’s painting is really full and bursting with color.


I used Sakura ink & antique Irodori Japanese watercolors to paint the these bright flowers (above), then added a  background of handmade Japanese paper (below) to create this bustling art print, “Rainbow Blossoms.”


[ This art print is now available here in my online art shop.]

May your garden be full of flowers,

❤ ~Emily Lupita

A Year of Flowers


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All content ©Emily Lupita Studio 2015

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  1. Danielle says:

    The flowers are fabulous! I just spent the afternoon having tea at a coffee house and doing schoolwork. It felt good. Now I am waiting for Sebastian at his piano class. Un abrazo,




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