Big News! New Art Book – Kickstarter in October

Wonderful You! –  A New Book by Emily Lupita

I’ve got big news!

I have a new book full of my Lupita watercolor paintings called, “Wonderful You!” It’s a book of art & encouragement with uplifting quotes and joyful colors to brighten your day.

TITLE Photo 1

I would love for you to consider backing my Kickstarter project during the month of October to help me receive enough pre-orders to afford the first printing of the book. I have copies of the book, postcards, original paintings, and special dedication books available for different pledge amounts.

Please click here to view & support my art book project or visit this link: 

Thank you! I’m so grateful for your support of my Lupita artwork.

May your garden be full of flowers,

❤ ~Emily Lupita


All content ©Emily Lupita Studio 2015

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