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New Lupita Painting – The first in about a year


✨ Life is a mystery. People we love get sick and we are overwhelmed with sorrow. Then there are these beautiful moments of joy…where the gorgeous sunrise awakens our spirit and the waves bring us beautiful shells to hold in our hands. We each have our own way of expressing and exploring this duality of life…through dance, music, sculpture, mathematics, song, art…and many other ways. ✨

✨ It’s been so long since I’ve painted in any dedicated way, but when my spirit is looking to express itself, somehow I always find my way back to my Lupita paintings. It’s how I explore life in all it’s mystery. When there are no answers, I paint and create my own answers…perhaps?✨

✨This is the first in a new series. Same Lupita spirit. Same watercolor & ink. A new perspective. ✨

Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist at Emily Lupita Studio

🌸 The original painting & art prints of this painting are available in my Etsy Shop at this link: 

12 thoughts on “New Lupita Painting – The first in about a year”

  1. It is a new era for Lupita. She has grown i many ways I think it’s a beautiful picture! I love to see your eyes sparkle when you talk about the painting. Can’t wait to see the ones that are coming in the future.

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  2. Emily,

    I loved seeing this and reading your words. Before I even read below….I stopped and gazed at the expression on the woman’s face. It is different than any others you have done. Deep, inward, thoughtful…2 sides of face are different. Do you see that too? Do you feel different when you look at this Lupita? I think painting has found you in a new moment…can’t wait to see where it takes you.


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