Third Painting In-Progress: “Painting at the Table”

My series continues with the third painting now in-progress. It started as a sketch from my memory of using my mom’s art supplies to paint at our big table in the dining room.

Then I made several new sketches and came up with the final dimensions.

Here I’m adding in my Lupita character at the table and adding in color. These are all sketches I use as guides to then make the final painting.

About the series:

My new artwork series is a meditation on my childhood growing up off-the-grid in rural Iowa. My goal is to write a children’s book using this series of 20 paintings as the illustration for the book. Thank you to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation – BeWildReWild – Community Artist Grant for your generous support of my project.


Emily Lupita


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  1. says:

    I think you have a wonderful gift to share your art. Love you.


    1. Thank you, Aunt Mary. Love you! 💕


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