Sledding on the Hill – Childhood Book

This painting makes me smile. We had some good times sledding out there on the hill in the depths of winter. I wanted to show how completely empty and stark the landscape could look in winter. Yet there we were out in the middle of the emptiness having a fantastic time. Our dogs were experts at sledding and I think it was the highlight of their year to go sliding down the hill with us. The wind in their ears and excitement on everyone’s faces as we went down is something I’ll never forget.


About the series:

My new artwork series is a meditation on my childhood growing up off-the-grid in rural Iowa. My goal is to write a children’s book using this series of 20 paintings as the illustration for the book. Thank you to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation – BeWildReWild – Community Artist Grant for your generous support of my project.


Emily Lupita


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  1. Mary K. Plum says:

    Wonderful memories.

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