Lupita and a Fox in the Rain


This artwork series is made possible by a grant from the BeWildReWild Fund at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

“While her most recently completed artwork series, A Childhood in Nature, focused on her past, artist Emily Lupita’s current art project will tell the story of a vision for the future. Told from the perspective of her signature “Lupita” character, the series will focus on entities in the Iowa natural world who are beyond human, and the way humans interact – or could interact – with these entities. The paintings will be the basis for an art book, which Emily will write and publish, that will further convey this vision.”

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  1. This nature series seems to have a much more freer and somehow more mature spirit to it. I am enjoying them. Thanks for continuing.

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    1. Emily Lupita says:

      Thank you! I’m learning and growing with each new painting. 🌱


  2. Beautiful! I really like the colors and the contrast in this piece… xoxo My

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    1. Emily Lupita says:

      Thank you so much! ❤️ The colors were fun to play with. 🌈

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