Closing Art Shop – Moving to Turkey

My family has big news. We are moving to Turkey in April. (Wow!) I’m going to be closing up my Lupita art shop for awhile. Once we get settled over there, I’ll see where my artwork takes me next and what form Lupita will take as I enter this new chapter.

I have a few signed books and canvas prints still available from my A Childhood in Nature series. Please let me know if one catches your eye / or you can also order online from the “Shop” tab on my website.

My website shop will be open for a few more weeks. Then…new horizons!

Thank you! Love and light,

Emily Lupita

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  1. Surprisej Emily!!!! I would love to talk with you!!! So….if you could send me your phone number I will dial you up for a nice chat. Wish we could sit down and catch up…..but please send me your number……muchos abrazos, George Ann


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