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Handmade Holiday Gifts – Order by Dec. 15th for Christmas Delivery

Handmade Holiday Gifts – Order by December 15th for Christmas Delivery – This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

I love making handmade art, especially this time of year. The festive preparations for the holiday season give me so much inspiration. The Christmas tree is up and the beautiful handmade wreaths my mother made us are hanging on our doors. Every time I walk by them I smile and feel like my creative energy is being nurtured.

My Painting Desk
My Painting Desk

I wanted to share some photos from my creative process this holiday season, sort of a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making my art.  If you’d like a custom made gift, please feel free to contact me ~ I’m still taking custom orders until the end of this week.

Lupita Ornaments
Lupita Ornaments
My Art Tables
My Art Table

If you see something you love in my  online holiday shop, please keep in mind the last day to order handmade art gifts that will be sure to arrive in time for Christmas is coming up soon…December 15th.

Artwork Jewelry
Artwork Jewelry
Christmas Painting Mexican American folk art
Guadalupe Paintings, Cards, and Art Prints

This year has been full of artful blessings. I’m so thankful for all of you who encourage and support me in my creative adventures!

Happy Holidays!

❤ ~Emily Lupita


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Creative Inspiration: The Flowers of Spring

Looking to Nature for Inspiration:

Peace Blossoms Spring in Atlanta

This week’s inspiration came in the form of these beautiful peach blossoms growing outside my studio window. Spring has at last arrived here in Georgia and we are thrilled. I realize now looking at these flowers that my artwork for the past month has been centered around Spring colors – soft greens, subtle pinks, lilac purple hues. It’s so nice to see these colors coming back to us again around the neighborhood.

Lampwork glass beads by Emily Lupita Studio

These blossoms inspired me to get back into the glass studio and make some lilac colored beads. Here they are fresh out of the cooling blanket – still on the mandrel rods. I was going for an abstract look of the peach blossoms, but in glass form. It was a fun project…I’ll post a picture of the beads again once I have them all cleaned out and fancy.

Your Inspiration:

Do you get inspired by nature? I’d love to know what inspires you in the great outdoors.

Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

~Emily Lupita

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Creative Inspiration: The Endless Book

An Inspiring Project Idea:

I saw something that really inspired me – it’s called the “Endless Book” project.

This fabulous project idea is to make a handmade folded book out of art paper and choose an artistic theme for your book. Then paint one page a week for an entire year within that theme. You can read more about it on the beautiful blog, Global Art Junkie.

My mind is already swirling with so many possibilities for a theme…a series of Lupita in Kimono watercolors / landscapes from different places I love / a portrait series of my family and friends / portraits of pets…yes – it could be endless.

I’d love to begin making one and want to do all I can to encourage this idea to manifest. I put up a new artistic vision board in my studio & the first pin to my board is this idea. The seed is planted. Let’s see what grows!

Imagine It:

What would your endless book theme be? How do you imagine it unfolding? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

~Emily Lupita

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio:

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend.

My family came to visit this week and we had such a nice time together. I’m blessed with a very creative family and we did so many cool projects together.

I loved waking up in the morning to paint with my brother & niece.

My sister-in-law & niece helped me make my new line of artwork jewelry…almost 100 new pieces!

We stayed up late talking & creating all sorts of pretty things.

My mom is really talented at sewing and she’s helping me create a prototype for my new Lupita dolls.


So many great ideas…we’re still working on the final design but it has been fun experimenting with color, size & texture. Here are a few of our first dolls. My mom made the pink one – my favorite.


Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

-Emily Lupita


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Creative Inspiration

Peony by Juana Maria

5-1 MOM Peony

This beautiful peony painting is by my mother, Juana Maria Plum. It is part of a series she is working on now where she creates flowers on watercolor cards and sends them off in the mail to brighten people’s day. This one arrived and brought so much light into my house!

I love the sturdy stem & leaves contrasted with the freedom of the pink flower, just flowing freely up & outward toward the sky.


-Emily Lupita 

* Prints & cards of this painting are now available in my online Gallery & Artwork Shop at the link above.*

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Lotus by Juana Maria

Post July 28

My mom, Juana Maria Plum, sent me this beautiful painting as a thank you card. It was such a joy to open my mailbox and find this treasure! My mom is a master artist and is the inspiration for my own artwork. She taught me everything I know about color, beauty and form. She paints across mediums and is skilled in oils, acrylics and watercolor…not to mention wood carving, pottery, sewing (and more!). I am forever grateful that the talented Juana Maria is also my mom & master artist.