I have a very creative and talented family. Here are some highlights:

Juana Plum – Artist

Mom at Nite Gallery 2014 DEC

My mother, Juana Plum, is a watercolor & acrylic artist specializing in custom work and vivid florals. Her creative talents also include working with wood sculptures, pottery, fabric art, jewelry design, and quilting. You can see her work on display at The Nite Gallery on the historic square in Albia, Iowa.


Definition Fancy


Joe Plum – Poet


My father, Joe Plum, is a bardic poet and travels the nation doing workshops and poetry performances. He recently published his third poetry book, Landmass And Other Poems.

Read more about his books here.


Definition Fancy


 Asa Plum – Photographer


My brother, Asa Plum, is a brilliant photographer & architect with his own architectural photography studio, Studio ASAP. He also does custom photo shoots for weddings, fashion, family gatherings & special events. You can find his work on display at The Nite Gallery and online here:




Definition Fancy


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