Galleries & Events


I’m available for art shows, workshops, events, and books signings. I also offer wholesale orders for select stores & boutiques. Please contact me on my Emily Lupita Studio Facebook page for details and scheduling.

Be sure to follow my blog for the most up-to-date announcements on upcoming events.

Book Signing at Awakened Spirit Expo May 31 2014

Galleries & Boutiques

You can find my artwork collections at the following galleries & boutiques. If you are in the area, please stop by to support these wonderful local businesses.


Marietta Square Artist’s Attic [MSAA] Gallery

120 South Park Square

Suite 207

Marietta, GA 30060

Contact: 770-298-9207

The MSAA Gallery features a variety of local, talented artists and their works ranging from oil, acrylic, watercolor, fiber art, pottery, and photography.  MSAA matches local artists with local and national customers who have a love for and appreciation of all types of artistic expressions.

Artist Emily Lupita Book Signing MSAA Gallery Marietta Square local artist art book The Artist's Alphabet

The Local Exchange Boutique

130 South Park Square

Marietta, Georgia 30060

Contact: 770-794-3136

The Local Exchange is a beautiful store located on the Historic Marietta Square in Marietta, GA.  You will find locally made fresh food, beverages, and merchandise, artisan beers, fine wines, local art, and vintage antiques. All of the products are local, fair trade, organic, made in the USA and/or recycled or recyclable.


The Nite Gallery

7 Benton Avenue East

Albia, Iowa 52531

Contact: 641-777-5666

The Nite Gallery is the magical art gallery upstairs above The Fiber Art Shoppe located on the historical downtown square in Albia, Iowa. Featuring local and regional Iowa artists, this gallery showcases the diverse and deep artistic talents found in the Midwest.

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