Joe Plum ~ Poet

Joe Plum Poet
“Joe Plum has led a unique life, and this life has produced a unique sensibility and a poetry of unique range and density, as profound as his life.” -Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Poet & Founder of City Lights Publishers

Words & Music


 with musician Mark McQuire

pirate sons

Pirate Sons of Poetry – Podcast

(change “all shows” to “Pirate Sons of Poetry” to listen)

red rocks

Westwardly One – Dream Story

mark mcguire

Moonlit Children  (a poem from the book, Concentric Devotion)

Poetry Books by Joseph S. Plum



Star Sight: Gathering Poems


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  Landmass and Other Poems

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“As a citizen of the natural world, Joe’s love of nature provides a guiding light into our souls.”

– Pat Schlarbaum, Iowa Wildlife Diversity Program


Concentric Devotion

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“Mid-way between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, rural Iowa is the ideal place to nurture the quiet, meditative quality displayed in his work. Joe’s poetry can help us re-capture a way of life that is closer to extinction each year.”

-Lucille Morgan Wilson, Iowa Poetry Association


Relics: Deep Mythic Image Poetry

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“Read this.”
– Chief Golden Light Eagle

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