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About Artist Emily Lupita


ūüĆü Hello! I’m Emily Lupita. Thank you for reading my blog & joining me on¬†my journey of art & discovery!

Artist & Author Bio

Emily Lupita is an award-winning artist & author working out of her home studio in the greater Atlanta area. She paints, writes & illustrates books, and designs jewelry from her unique & brightly-colored artwork.

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Emily Lupita’s books include “The Artist’s Alphabet: 26 Words to Encourage Creativity” and “Wonderful You: A Book of Art & Encouragement.” She is currently working on her next project – “Birds in Boots” – a bedtime book for children.

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Emily Lupita’s unique style is composed of vivid colors mixed with black ink lines. She uses ‘irodori’ Japanese watercolors and Sakura inks on Arches 140lb watercolor paper. Emily Lupita has shown her artwork & jewelry at hundreds of art shows & festivals around the United States. She currently has work available for purchase in her online Etsy Shop and at The Local Exchange in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

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Emily Lupita lives just outside of Atlanta with her husband and their son, the Captain.¬†She¬†also has two long-haired miniature dachshunds who brighten every room they enter.¬†¬†Emily Lupita loves animals and specializes in custom pet portraits.¬†ūüĆü

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Two great places to get to know Emily Lupita are on her blog and Facebook page.


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New Lupita Painting – The first in about a year


‚ú® Life is a mystery. People we love get sick and we are overwhelmed with sorrow. Then there are these beautiful moments of joy…where the gorgeous sunrise awakens our spirit and the waves bring us beautiful shells to hold in our hands. We each have our own way of expressing and exploring this duality of life…through dance, music, sculpture, mathematics, song, art…and many other ways.¬†‚ú®

‚ú® It’s been so long since I’ve painted in any dedicated way, but when my spirit is looking to express itself, somehow I always find my way back to my Lupita paintings. It’s how I explore life in all it’s mystery. When there are no answers, I paint and create my own answers…perhaps?‚ú®

✨This is the first in a new series. Same Lupita spirit. Same watercolor & ink. A new perspective. ✨

Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist at Emily Lupita Studio

ūüĆł The original painting & art prints of this painting are available in my Etsy Shop at this link:¬†¬†

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New Bird Pages

My newest book is starting to form. It’s turning out to be a rhyming sweet little bedtime story filled with Birds in Boots.

Birds in Boots_Cats

I’m also making a coloring book as a companion…sharing a few of the coloring pages I’m working on now.

Birds in Boots_FancyHats

Peace & Love,

Emily Lupita

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New “Birds in Boots” Book In Progress

I’ve been working on the concept and sketches for my next book for almost a year now. I’m finally at a point where I have something ready¬†to share…exciting!

Birds in Boots COVER

Yay! Birds in Boots is¬†starting to come together and will feature a whole family of birds all wearing fabulous boots. This is the first book I’ve written specifically for kids and is dedicated to my one-year-old son.

0 Dedication Page

I hope to share more soon as the next pages develop.


~Emily Lupita

Artist, Emily Lupita Studio

Author of ¬†The Artist’s Alphabet and ¬†Wonderful You

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New Book Published – Wonderful You

New Book Published РWonderful You

I’m happy to share that my new book, Wonderful You, has been published. Hurray!¬†Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy and helped support my artwork.

Books by Emily Lupita

Both of my books are now available in my Etsy Shop and also on Amazon here and here. You can also pick up a copy at The Local Exchange on the Historic Square in Marietta, Georgia.

May your garden be full of flowers,

‚̧ ~Emily Lupita


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Big News! New Art Book – Kickstarter in October

Wonderful You! Р A New Book by Emily Lupita

I’ve got big news!

I have a new book full of my Lupita watercolor paintings called, “Wonderful You!” It’s a book of art & encouragement with uplifting quotes and joyful colors to brighten your day.

TITLE Photo 1

I would love for you to consider backing my Kickstarter project during the month of October to help me receive enough pre-orders to afford the first printing of the book. I have copies of the book, postcards, original paintings, and special dedication books available for different pledge amounts.

Please click here to view & support my art book project or visit this link: 

Thank you! I’m so grateful for your support of my Lupita artwork.

May your garden be full of flowers,

‚̧ ~Emily Lupita


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Week 26 – A Year of Flowers 2015 – Mod Flower #2

A Year of Flowers 2015 РWeek 26 at Emily Lupita Studio

“Mod Flower #2”

Japanese Irodori Watercolor + Sakura Ink on 100% Cotton Paper – Size 8×10¬†inches

"Mod Flower #2" by artist Emily Lupita
“Mod Flower #2” by artist Emily Lupita

This is Week 26 of my A Year of Flowers art project.

May your garden be full of flowers,

‚̧ ~Emily Lupita

A Year of Flowers


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