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Art Grant for New Book Project

It’s an exciting day! I’ve received a Community Art Gathering Grant from the BeWildReWild Fund at the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. The grant is to create my newest children’s book – about growing up off the grid in rural Iowa. I’m filled with gratitude to have this opportunity.

The book will have a series of twenty watercolor paintings. Here I am with the very first drawing, all ready to paint. This one is, “Lupita Canning Corn.” These are the largest paintings I’ve ever made, by far. (The new paintings are 12×12 inches and I usually make 5×7 size.)

I’ve also added a new element to the Lupita paintings…a background. I’m experimenting with gauche paint for the background work. It’s challenging and exciting, both.

My favorite part of painting again is sharing the experience with my sons. The Captain is fascinated by Mama painting and joins me at the table to watch what I’m up to.

I’ll post updates on my new project here on my blog and also on my Emily Lupita Studio Facebook Page.

Thank you to the Iowa Natural Heritage Fund for supporting my work!


Emily Lupita