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New Painting: “Lupita Aya Sofya”


New Painting: “Lupita Aya Sofya”

“Lupita Aya Sofya” has been months in the making and it gives me such joy to see it all finished. This painting features three sets of color combinations, more than my usual two, making it extra bright.

I also added a layer of shimmery gold to each color in the robe & halo, and around the flower petals in the background as well. I love how the gold makes the painting sparkle in the light.

This painting was inspired by the mosaics in the Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) in Istanbul, Turkey. For more background on the mosaics, check out my blog post from July 30th.

Aya Sofya 1

“Lupita Aya Sofya”

Irodori watercolor & Sakura ink on Canson watercolor art board

by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu, 2013

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This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress



This week I’ve been working on a special painting in my Lupita Portrait series titled, “Ashley in a Green Dress.” It features my Ashley Lupita, based on my beautiful sister-in-law. 
6-1 Portrait Ashley Green Dress

In this painting, Ashley has bright pink wings and wears a brilliant green dress. When I made this painting I was thinking about all the wonderful things Ashley has done for our family, and how she brings her great strength and compassion with her wherever she goes.

August 18 2013_1

I’ve been enjoying adding various backgrounds to this painting for different effects. Here are a few different versions. I am thinking this series would make cool greeting cards someday.


-Emily Lupita

Featured Painting:

“Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress”

Irodori watercolors & Sakura ink on Canson art board

From the Lupita Portraits watercolor series by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu, 2013

Prints, cards & iphone cases of this painting now available in my Gallery & Artwork Shop or at this direct link:

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This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: One Month Blogiversary & Aya Sofya Painting

Thank You!

Today I’m celebrating the one month anniversary of my new Emily Lupita Studio blog. Sending out a special Thank You! to everyone who has visited, followed, and/or left a comment during my first month. I’ve so enjoyed getting it all set up and writing a little each day about my artwork and travels. I’m happy to have met my start up goal of a full month of daily posts, and hope to keep up with my long-term goal of at least weekly updates from here on out.


This Week at Emily Lupita Studio:

This week I’ve been continuing my work on my new Aya Sofya painting and I have everything done now except the background on the original.  I have just this morning decided on a turquoise blue background with purple flowers and should finish soon now that I am (happily and gratefully) returned to my peaceful daily life back in the studio.

I’ll post the final painting in my Artwork Gallery when finished. I also like to keep a version of the painting with a white background, as well as choose a paper background for my portrait paintings. For this design I decided on a cool paper with swirls in purple and gold. This means for each painting, there may end up being three or four design versions.

Aya Sofya Lupita Post

You can see the details of the two versions (above) that I’ve already finished in my Artwork Gallery here:

and here:

For more info on the mosaic inspiration behind this painting, please see my earlier blog post here:

I wish you a wonderful week full of happiness,

-Emily Lupita

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Painting: Lupita Dreams of World Travel

Travels The World

“Lupita Dreams of World Travel”

Irodori watercolor & Sakura ink on cold press watercolor paper

From the Lupita Dreams watercolor series by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu

Prints, cards & iphone cases of this painting now available in my Gallery & Artwork Shop or at this direct link:

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New Gallery & Artwork Shop


I have a new online gallery…hurray!

Creating it has been a true labor of love for some time now, so I’m delighted to see it this morning fully up and running. There are still several paintings and a few collections I need to add to it, but I’m excited with how it has turned out so far. I especially love how I can group the paintings into different collections, as well as have one collection showing all paintings together.


This gallery also serves as my new artwork shop. I’ve partnered with Fine Art America, the premiere artist support company online, to do all the printing. Because they have such a wide network, orders can be placed & shipped world-wide and products include professional artist prints in a range of paper (like watercolor, rag & velvet), prints on canvas, metal & acrylic, greeting cards and even artwork prints on iphone cases. (I’m especially excited about getting a new iphone case with my artwork on it!)IMG_2212

They also offer a wide range of framing & matting options in a variety of sizes, so you can customize the painting to fit where it will hang. The best thing is they have full customer service for buyers and a money back guarantee on all products. I’m so very grateful for their partnership with all of this amazing support and look forward to the places this new path will take me.

I’d love for you to visit the new gallery & post a comment below.


-Emily Lupita

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My Art Shop: Custom Alphabet Name Prints

Lupita Alphabet

I posted a new item to my online art shop for custom name combinations of my Lupita Artist Alphabet Series. You can design any combination of letters you like. Some ideas are to spell names for a child’s room, create a family name series for your entryway, or for a reminder sign for the day on your stairway, like “love” or “hope.”

Full details are listed in my Etsy shop at this link: