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New Painting – Chaos Lupita

I thought I could be finished painting. I went months and months without picking up a pen or brush. I felt so devastated by my mom’s severe stroke…and her brain damage and paralysis that followed. To see her continued suffering through a very difficult recovery process, a long recovery process, and not be able to really help her – it has been so hard for all my family.

But my Mom, she’s a warrior. And she has been fighting every single day to make progress with her physical therapy. She’s able to sit in a wheelchair for a few hours now despite still being paralyzed on the left side. She’s able to eat a normal diet now, after months and months of eating therapy. We’re so proud and grateful for these improvements. We’re so thankful we still have her with us.

And…amid all of this…Mom started painting again. She’s doing a bird series. She asks the nurses to move her next to the window for natural light. She has a set-up on her tray to help her manage the paper and paint and brushes. She paints with her one good hand and uses her paralyzed hand to hold down the paper. Unfortunately, Mom has lost her muscle memory she developed from a lifetime of painting as a result of her brain damage. This means she has to start all over again. She has to learn to paint all over again. And yet, Mom continues to paint because she loves it. Because it gives her joy. Because it helps her connect with the world.

Mom has inspired me. And here I go. Drawing again. I have a new series I’m working on. I’m calling it the “Chaos Lupita” series because that’s how this year has been for me. Art imitating life.

Many blessings,

Emily Lupita



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My Beautiful Mama – Brain Surgery

My beautiful Mama. She has been my life-long teacher in art. Mom suffered a brain bleed and stroke two weeks ago, and was flown by helicopter for emergency brain surgery. She survived the surgery, but still has swelling on her brain. For now she is still paralyzed on her left side and has a feeding port because she can’t swallow.

Mom and Emily Lupita's Quilt

These are a few pictures of the latest quilt we made together. My painting on fabric and her quilting and sewing. My boys just love it.

It’s devastating for me to see my vibrant, artistic, creative Mama so silent and immobile in her hospital bed. But she’s a true fighter – a modern day warrior – and she will come back to us, I know.

To read more, get updates, and join her community of supporters, please visit Juana (Jane) Plum’s Stroke Recovery Go Fund Me page at this link:

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

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New Painting – Lupita and Her Captain 2.0

My newest painting is modeled after a photograph of me holding my son, Charlie. These are a few of the steps I went through to create the painting. I used an Apple Pencil and the software called Procreate. It’s very calming and relaxing for me to paint this way. I love playing with color and texture, with the different layers upon layers.


Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

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New Handmade Artwork

There’s been a flurry of activity on my art desk these past few days. I promised myself I wouldn’t give up on my artwork and would finish new items in time for Christmas.

There are 100 items in my online ETSY Art Shop as of today…a long time goal of mine. Yay!

Here’s a look at some of the Christmas cards (instant download to print at home), art books, handmade Turkish design earrings, and Lupita ornaments. The Christmas tree ornaments are made from my miniature original watercolor paintings. I coat them onto mini canvases and add ribbons to create the ornaments.

It’s been joyous for me to have spent time immersed in art again. Sending wishes for a beautiful holiday season to you and your family.


Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

Emily Lupita Studio

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My First Amate Bark Painting

I’ve always loved the Mexican traditional art form of Amate Bark Painting. Whenever my Mom and I would travel to her home country of Mexico, we would make a direct line for the fabulous markets where these gorgeous handmade paintings were sold. We’ve collected quite a few between the two of us. ❤


The scenes are usually of village life, showing weddings, farming, people out shopping, and the amazing natural scenery of Mexico like volcanoes, mountains, cactus plants, and rivers. And, of course, the centerpiece of life – the sun.


It was my Mom who suggested that I try combining the traditional Amate style with my own Lupita painting style. The Amate style is handmade on tree bark, usually with acrylic paints and ink. In this case, my painting is created by me drawing with an Apple Pencil on my iPad using the design program Procreate.  I left the software frame on these close-ups so you could see a bit of how it works and all the many layers of color involved.


Two completely different approaches, but in the end, the same bright colors and feeling of celebration and joy. I learned so much making this first painting as far as technique, color, and how to use the vertical space on the page. I felt more connected to my Mexican family and to my Mom while I painted. I’m so glad I took her advice and tried something completely new.



Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

Emily Lupita Studio


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New Painting: “Ashley”

Shop_ASFA_Ashely Blue


watercolor & ink

by artist Emily Lupita

Art prints & original painting are now available in my little online art shop.

Art Desk Ashley Blue

🌟 Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

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