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The Local Exchange – A Magical Place

I love stopping by my favorite shop on the Marietta Square. I got to sit for a moment with my paintings, pillow, and prints. 🌸💕🌸 And…saw my books! Yay! If you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to check out The Local Exchange…such a magical place!

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All Posts on Emily Lupita Studio

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: Girl with a Pearl Earring

IMG_2324 - Version 2This week I went to the High Museum of Art in downtown Atlanta. They had a special event of Friday night jazz & viewing of the fabulous Girl with a Pearl Earring painting by Vermeer. My husband, Alper, and I went with our amazing friends, Diana & Selim, and just had the best time.

The Girl with a Pearl Earring painting was stunning. It has been recently restored and the paint glistened through the centuries. I loved it and could have stayed standing there, face-to-face in front of it all night.


Alper found this cool coloring book in the gift shop and decided I just had to have it. Inside are 52 coloring plates of famous paintings with 10 facts about each painting pointed out on the page so you can learn more about how the master painter created it. It is hard to explain, so I’ve included a page here.


This exhibit inspired me in so many ways. I loved the many paintings, including some by Rembrandt, and how the paint still had its brilliant shine after so many years. It reminded me of the quote, “Art is what endures.”  I feel so grateful to have had the chance to see these masterpieces painted so long ago, enduring the journey through time and space all the way from their original home in Holland to the museum where we stood to gaze at them last night.

Here is the link for more information on the Atlanta High Museum of Art:


-Emily Lupita