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Newest Painting -Barn Clouds

There’s nothing like a gorgeous cloudy day in the countryside. When we were little, my brothers and I would climb up into the loft of the hay barn. And then we’d scoot along the edge of the loft and pull each other up onto the roof of the barn. Then we’d relax up there and watch the clouds go by. We’d call out shapes we’d see in the clouds and make up names for interesting clouds that went by. Of course, our loyal dogs would wait for us at the base of the barn.

Of course now that I have little kids of my own, I shutter at the thought of them doing something like this. I remember Mom running up and yelling at us to get down if she caught us up there. But it’s such a beautiful memory for me. Some time in the sky with my brothers.

(This is the drawing after the initial sketching. Painting coming soon.)


About the series:

My new artwork series is a meditation on my childhood growing up off-the-grid in rural Iowa. My goal is to write a children’s book using this series of 20 paintings as the illustration for the book. Thank you to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation – BeWildReWild – Community Artist Grant for your generous support of my project.


Emily Lupita