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Introducing Our New Baby

Introducing our new baby, little Archer. He’s the sweetest tiny guy and it’s been such a beautiful and busy eight months since he was born. I’ve been wanting to add him into the family portrait painting I made before he came along. It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve finally finished. I thought it would be cool to show you my process for making portraits.


I start out with a photograph that I love. In this case, I’m adding baby Archer to an existing painting, so I had a print out of the family portrait handy. That way I can match the style and colors.


It usually takes me several tries to get the sketch how I like it. I begin with the basic form, then add in my Lupita style circles, chevrons, stars, stripes, and style. These are just two of the fifteen or so sketches I made on plain white paper. Then the fourth one is the final sketch on watercolor paper.


Let the painting begin! I almost always start with the face then move outward in a circle from there. I’m not sure why…it just seems the most natural way for me to paint a person.


Once the painting is complete, I scan it into my computer and use Photoshop to add it to the larger family portrait.


I hope to eventually re-paint the entire family portrait so all the colors match exactly. With two small children at home it may take some time, but one day soon! 🙂


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The Book Proof is Here!

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio:

What an amazing feeling to finally hold the book in my hands! The proof arrived this week and my dog, Mavi, and I read it for the first time together.

The proof looked great & the book order has gone in. The shipment is scheduled to arrive in two weeks…can’t wait!

Reading First ProofI found a cool set of alphabet stamps this week just in time to add to the back of most of my thank you cards. I had a great time stamping the initials of my backers on each envelope.

I also finished the first of my original alphabet paintings. I love how the bright colors make the letter drawings come alive. Here are a few photos from my studio desk of my two most recent paintings- Kindness & Wonder.

Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

-Emily Lupita

The Artist’s Alphabet Book Project:

Pre-order Now Available in my Etsy Shop here:

[The book will also be available on in December, but anything ordered directly from Amazon won’t be signed or dedicated since the books ship out directly from the warehouse and won’t pass through my hands.]


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