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New Painting: “La Familia”


“La Familia”

watercolor & ink

by artist Emily Lupita

Art prints & original painting are now available in my little online art shop.

Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita



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Designing a Family Coat of Arms

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio – Designing a Family Coat of Arms

I had the most wonderful time working on my most recent Family Coat of Arms design project. I wanted to share with you the process of how the final design came about for my amazing client, Jennifer.

Internet Logan Coat of Arms 3 Js

Family Coats of Arms are symbols of family dynasties that are handed down through the generations. That’s why it was so exciting and such an honor for me to create a brand new Coat of Arms to symbolize the beginning of a new family dynasty and all the hope & love that the future holds for them.



Designing a new Coat of Arms begins with learning about what is most important to the family. For Jennifer, her family values center around education, God, her family heritage (American, Jamaican & African), progress, and her husband & son.



I started with researching and drawing symbols to represent these values on paper. Here are a few preliminary sketches from my journal with ideas…an olive wreath for education and Jennifer is Christian, so a cross to represent God.


“Progress” was a bit more difficult to conceptualize into a visual. During my research, I found that birds have long been used to symbolize progress in many different cultures – it makes sense to me – with the idea of wings & the forward momentum of taking flight. I then found this beautiful symbol from the West African Adinkra culture, which symbolizes moving forward with knowledge.

After sharing all of this with Jennifer and getting her ideas & feedback, I set out to start the design.

Option 2 Education Wreath

I started with the basic shield design. I experimented with several different ways to integrate the three different flags of Jennifer’s family heritage into the shield. The challenge was to have all of the flags’ detail and color in a small space without it being overwhelming. After that I created a “family flag” as a symbol of the bond Jennifer’s family shares, using three “J” letters in honor of their three names. The olive wreath (for education) wraps nicely around the flags and the green color anchors the design.

Option 4 Cross

Next I added a name banner (using the yellow from the Jamaican flag) and a large cross at the center of the design to symbolize the value at the very center of Jennifer’s family. I placed the bird on top, as a guide toward the future.Option 5 Movement BirdOnce this stage of the design was complete, I created several different color combinations for Jennifer to share with her family. I was so fortunate to have such a kind, friendly, and creative client in Jennifer and we really had a great time trying out different ideas and combinations to get just the right look.

Internet Logan Coat of Arms 3 Js

Here it is – the new Logan Family Coat of Arms!


The best part of this whole project was receiving these photos of Jennifer’s fabulous “family wall” project, where she created a special space in her home to honor her family. On the top right you can see the new Coat of Arms, complete with an explanation of the symbols in the design. So lovely…thank you, Jennifer!

Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita


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A Family Day of Art, Music & Culture

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

I had a wonderful surprise this week – my family came to visit! My Uncle Gabe, Tía Maria, and cousins Zach & Jacob Gutierrez came to town. We went to see my artwork on display at the MSAA Gallery and I was so happy to share this special space with them.

Emily Lupita Studio MSAA Gallery


We also had a nice time looking at all the beautiful things in The Local Exchange boutique downstairs from the MSAA Gallery. Here we’re checking out some of my art prints &  jewelry for sale in the store. I had fun explaining the process for how I create my artwork jewelry from my paintings & also how I make my handmade glass beads in the flame.

Emily Lupita Studio The Local Exchange

It was a joy having them in town and being able to show them my artwork. Afterwards we went to my cousins’ percussion competition in Atlanta, attended an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, and had fabulous Thai food. It was a wonderful family day full of art, music & culture.

Marietta Fountain
Zach, Alper, Emily Lupita, Tía Maria, Jacob, Uncle Gabe


Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita


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Travelogue Thursday: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Travelogue Thursday August 01 MEXICO

This week as I reflect back on my travels, I am so grateful for a very special journey I took with my mother to her hometown of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. We went there to visit my mother’s sister, my Tia Mago, and her brother, my Tio Lito. It was such a pleasure to witness my mother laughing & talking for hours over good food with her brother & sister. She hadn’t seen them in so many years, but they seemed to just pick up right where they left off. I also got to spend time with my cousins & their families on this journey, meeting many of them for the first time, and really cherish the days we spent together.

I especially love this photo of the three siblings at a candy vendor just as they discover their favorite sweet treat from childhood. “Dad used to make this!” they all three said, pointing to the pile of candy at the same time. “Remember?” And they started to share memories of my grandfather making candy in big copper pots. My Tia Mago placed a piece in my hand and said, “And now you can share this memory, too.” What a beautiful moment.

Not too long after we visited, my Tio Lito passed away, may he rest in peace. My mother told me that when she heard the news of his passing, she was overwhelmed with gratitude that we were able to go and visit, that she had these precious days to remember and photos of us together to treasure. I felt the same way.

This journey to Mexico remains as one of the most heartfelt trips I’ve ever taken. From it I am reminded that travel can give us the greatest gift of all…time together with the people we love.