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Painting: Lupezilla The Broken Hearted Monster

5-1 Lupita Monsters Broken Hearted Monster Blue

I’d like to introduce you to my Lupita Monsters series. This character’s name is Lupezilla  and she represents the fun, exciting & emotional side of Lupita.  The sentiment of this painting is, “Even though she is broken hearted, Lupezilla still insists on singing.”

I was inspired to start painting Lupezilla after spending some time in Xalapa and Oaxaca, Mexico. The amazing artisans of these regions make beautiful, colorful wooden (and sometimes paper maché) figures which are commonly known as alebrijes or figuras. An example is shown below.


I fell in love with the style of the alebrijes and began painting my own vision of them, which eventually manifested in Lupezilla and her two dogs, Mavizilla (miniature dachshund monster) & Yunazilla (Boston terrier monster). 

Special thanks to my Aunt Martha for encouraging me to show some of my monsters!

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New Painting: Silver Sari with Pink & Green Wings


I’m up late tonight in the studio finishing a new dog painting. This one is of Sari, my black & silver mini-dog. In this design she is wearing green earrings and has matching pink & green wings.

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My Art Shop: Custom Alphabet Name Prints

Lupita Alphabet

I posted a new item to my online art shop for custom name combinations of my Lupita Artist Alphabet Series. You can design any combination of letters you like. Some ideas are to spell names for a child’s room, create a family name series for your entryway, or for a reminder sign for the day on your stairway, like “love” or “hope.”

Full details are listed in my Etsy shop at this link:

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Golden Mavi with Pink Wings

Golden Mavi with Pink Wings

A fun painting to celebrate my five new paint colors including my new favorite – shimmery antique gold. Mavi is my real life mini-dog & sits next to me while I paint – my sweet loyal companion.