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My Beautiful Mama – Brain Surgery

My beautiful Mama. She has been my life-long teacher in art. Mom suffered a brain bleed and stroke two weeks ago, and was flown by helicopter for emergency brain surgery. She survived the surgery, but still has swelling on her brain. For now she is still paralyzed on her left side and has a feeding port because she can’t swallow.

Mom and Emily Lupita's Quilt

These are a few pictures of the latest quilt we made together. My painting on fabric and her quilting and sewing. My boys just love it.

It’s devastating for me to see my vibrant, artistic, creative Mama so silent and immobile in her hospital bed. But she’s a true fighter – a modern day warrior – and she will come back to us, I know.

To read more, get updates, and join her community of supporters, please visit Juana (Jane) Plum’s Stroke Recovery Go Fund Me page at this link:

Many Thanks and Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist & Author

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New Lupita Painting – The first in about a year


✨ Life is a mystery. People we love get sick and we are overwhelmed with sorrow. Then there are these beautiful moments of joy…where the gorgeous sunrise awakens our spirit and the waves bring us beautiful shells to hold in our hands. We each have our own way of expressing and exploring this duality of life…through dance, music, sculpture, mathematics, song, art…and many other ways. ✨

✨ It’s been so long since I’ve painted in any dedicated way, but when my spirit is looking to express itself, somehow I always find my way back to my Lupita paintings. It’s how I explore life in all it’s mystery. When there are no answers, I paint and create my own answers…perhaps?✨

✨This is the first in a new series. Same Lupita spirit. Same watercolor & ink. A new perspective. ✨

Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita

Artist at Emily Lupita Studio

🌸 The original painting & art prints of this painting are available in my Etsy Shop at this link: 

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Art Under Glass

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio

It has been an exciting week here in the studio with the launch of my new Art Under Glass jewelry line. The collection is off to a great start with 30 colorful pieces of art encased under glass and set in pendants of different shapes & sizes.

Art Under Glass Main Photo

My sister-in-law and niece were amazing and helped me to get started on this big project when they came to visit several months ago. I’ve been working on finishing this first batch of the collection since then and each finished piece is so special to me. I feel like I’m just getting started with this new miniature art form.


How It’s Made:

The process for making these little wonders begins with creating a digital image of my original watercolor painting that fits the size of the pendant. Then I print the image, cut it to the proper shape, wax it and bind the glass to the top with a transparent fixing agent, making sure the glass doesn’t slide around by holding it in place until it sets. After this dries for a day, I wax the back of the image, coat it with fixing agent and set it in the metal pendant base coated with a thin layer of metal glue. After the finished pendant dries for 2 days…Voilà!the art jewelry is ready to wear.


Coming Soon:

I was so happy to be asked to make a custom pair of earrings using this same Art Under Glass technique to match a friend’s favorite painting in my Artist’s Alphabet book. Such a wonderful idea! After several tries I found the best design to fit the space and just loved seeing the book pages transform into earrings. It was a fun project and I was inspired to keep on making a series of alphabet earrings…coming soon.


Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

-Emily Lupita


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New Design: Butterfly #1

“Butterfly #1” ink drawing and color illustration by Emily Lupita.


Sending happiness,

-Emily Lupita


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“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.” – M.C. Richards


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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year from Emily Lupita Studio!

Sending out wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!

I love writing New Year resolutions & this year I decided to create a fun poster to display some of them here in my studio.

2014 6 SQUARE

Sharing here the steps to make one of your own…I’d love to see what you create!

New Year Resolutions Poster Project:

#1: Find a picture or photograph that you love. (I used one of my landscape paintings I made of San Cristobal.)

#2: Divide the picture into 9 squares. Fade out the middle square and four of the corner squares.

#3: Write the year in the middle and your resolutions in the corners. Play around with the fonts & colors.

#4: Put up your inspirational poster somewhere you’ll see it every morning and visualize your dreams coming true!


-Emily Lupita

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Final Days of my Kickstarter Project

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

The final few days of my Kickstarter project are here! (The project ends on October 31st.)  I’m truly grateful to the 55 amazing people who’ve backed my project so far. I now have 93% of the total pledges needed to fund The Artist’s Alphabet book. Almost there…

P is for Perseverence

This has been one of the busiest weeks here at my studio and also one of the very best. I’ve been enjoying the time I spend each day working on finishing up all the details of the book design. These are two screen shots from my latest layout to give you an idea of how the book will look when finished. (I also shared a few different screen shots on my Emily Lupita Studio Facebook page earlier this week if you’d like to see more.)


I added a colorful first letter to the title word on each definition page as well as a fancy text divider underneath to better balance out the spacing . I still have a few more definitions to write because it takes me awhile to think of how I want to phrase each definition & I go through so many drafts for each word.


The book cover is coming along nicely. I still need to format it to the printer’s specifications, but this is the latest design I’m working with as of today:


It’s hard to believe my Kickstarter project  will end on October 31st, only four days from now. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’m excited to see where the next four days will take me.

Sending you all many heartfelt thanks for your support & encouragement,

-Emily Lupita

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Week 4 of Kickstarter: The Final Week Begins

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

Week 4 of my month-long Kickstarter project begins today.  I had 7 wonderful people back my project in the third week and now have 60% of the total pledges needed to fund my art book project.

It has been a joy designing the book pages and receiving such great encouragement & support from my incredible group of backers. I’m still hopeful that the remaining 40% of pledges needed will find their way to my project before October 31st.

Thank You WHITE

I designed this special “Thank You!” card especially for my awesome backers. I have it all prepared to send to the print shop on November 01st, hoping my optimistic actions might somehow help give my project that extra boost of positive energy needed for it to succeed in the final week.

Thanks Inside Postcard

This is another hopeful design I made this week, “A Note of Thanks.” I love how the paintings & letters flow together to create a bright & colorful thank you card. This might be another option for my special backer cards – or perhaps I’ll try to create a combination of the two designs.

I’ve been working on the letters for such a long time – now that they are all finished I’m really enjoying the process of combining them into words & special designs. Here’s another I made as an update to my project page.

Imagine a new alphabet

Thanks for all your encouragement. One more week…

-Emily Lupita

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