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Q & A: Who is the character in your watercolor paintings?

Who is the character in your watercolor paintings?

Her name is Lupita and she is a representation of women & girls across the world who seek out beautiful moments. I have several different collections of Lupita paintings reflecting the many sides of my Lupita character.

The Lupita on a Journey collection is my main collection and is inspired by the Japanese ancestor doll, where the viewer imagines the face of a loved one inside the blank face of the doll.

Japanese doll 1

Other collections include the Lupita Sisters, Lupita Portraits, Lupita Dreams, and the beloved Lupita Monsters, who are full of mischief and often broken-hearted, a compliment to the sweeter Lupita versions.

5-1 Lupita Wings Blue Purple Rainbow

This painting is part of a series I made in the Lupita on a Journey collection of Lupita with wings in different designs and colors. As you can see here, the years I lived in Japan have influenced my artwork a great deal, especially in terms of space and pattern.

[Japanese doll photo taken by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu at a private home exhibit in Miyakonojo, Japan, 2003]