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Weekly Gratitude

Weekly Gratitude July 27

“I am grateful for the love in my life.” – Weekly gratitude by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu

What are you most grateful for this week?

I’d love for you to post a comment & share your own weekly gratitude.

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My Art Shop: Custom Alphabet Name Prints

Lupita Alphabet

I posted a new item to my online art shop for custom name combinations of my Lupita Artist Alphabet Series. You can design any combination of letters you like. Some ideas are to spell names for a child’s room, create a family name series for your entryway, or for a reminder sign for the day on your stairway, like “love” or “hope.”

Full details are listed in my Etsy shop at this link:

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The Artist Alphabet – “Love”

love 3

This week I’ve been working on my Artist Alphabet series. I’ve completed most of the letters now and am also working on sketching out the details of an Artist Alphabet book I have in mind to accompany the designs. It is a joy to be fully immersed in this process of imagining, creating, and then finally seeing the many individual letters come together to form words. This is one of my favorite designs…love.

[photo: “Love” Artist Alphabet Series, by Emily Lupita – ¬†irodori antique watercolor, sakura ink, paper, & digital design]