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View From My Art Desk: Creating An Online Artwork Gallery

The Design Process:

I’m embarking on the first part of a long-term goal to archive all of my paintings and present them in a new online gallery. I currently have a gallery with Fine Art America, but I’m thinking I would like to have one that I curate myself on my own website as well. I wanted to share my process for creating it – a sort of behind the scenes look as it comes together. It will be a long process but I think it’s time to get started on it.

The first step is to create a template for the images. I decided to use my watercolor portrait of my mother, Juana Maria, as my test image. This is how the template design started:

Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo

This process has taken some time and is challenging because I’m looking to create the best balance between the information I need to display and the artwork itself. There needs to be a title, my name, my studio name & website, plus a copyright mark in addition to the image.

4 Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo

I decided the first design was too colorful, so I took out all the color (except for the Lupita), but still too many distractions from the painting itself. I then went to full black and white for the info, playing around with the shades of gray in each area.

6 Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo7 Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo

Still too many distractions for the eye…so I took out the flowers and immediately loved the change.

8 Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo

A few final touches – took out the ”  ” around the title, resized everything to one inch distances, took out the butterfly…then put it back again.

Juanita in a Blue Dress_Gallery Photo

Then I tried it out with several different pieces of art to make sure it will translate across projects.

Silver Dapple Dachshund with Wings_Gallery PhotoSan Cristobal Landscape #1_Gallery PhotoStar Covered Kimono 1_Gallery PhotoI Believe I Can Fly_Gallery Photo

And there I have my template. Whew…it took a lot longer than I expected, but I’m glad I experimented and found a design that works best for my artwork overall. Next up – scanning all my paintings (there’s still a drawer full not yet scanned), digitally archiving them, and placing each image into the template to upload into my gallery.

Sending wishes for a beautiful day,

~Emily Lupita

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