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Pear Tree Sketch – 2 of 20 Wild Plums Art Series

When I was a child, we lived on this beautiful hill in rural Iowa. There were two gorgeous pear trees next to the garden overlooking the countryside beyond.

Mom put up a hammock from Mexico. My brothers and I would play and read and take naps out there under the twin pear trees. Our dogs and cats would join us.

Here are a few pictures and a (new!) video of my “Pear Tree” painting still in progress.

My new artwork series is a meditation on my childhood growing up off-the-grid in rural Iowa. My goal is to write a children’s book using this series of 20 paintings as the illustration for the book. Thank you to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation – BeWildReWild – Community Artist Grant for your generous support of my project.


Emily Lupita


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About Artist Emily Lupita


🌟 Hello! I’m Emily Lupita. Thank you for reading my blog & joining me on my journey of art & discovery.

Artist & Author Bio

Emily Lupita is an award-winning artist & author working out of her home studio in the greater Atlanta area. She paints, writes & illustrates books, and designs jewelry from her unique & brightly-colored artwork.

Artists Alphabet Book Slide 1.jpg

Emily Lupita’s books include “The Artist’s Alphabet: 26 Words to Encourage Creativity” and “Wonderful You: A Book of Art & Encouragement.” She is currently working on her next project – “Birds in Boots” – a bedtime book for children.

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Emily Lupita’s unique style is composed of vivid colors mixed with black ink lines. She uses ‘irodori’ Japanese watercolors and Sakura inks on Arches 140lb watercolor paper. Emily Lupita has shown her artwork & jewelry at hundreds of art shows & festivals around the United States. She currently has work available for purchase in her online Art Shop and at The Local Exchange in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

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Emily Lupita lives in the great Atlanta Metro area with her husband and their two sons, the Captain and Archer. She also has two long-haired miniature dachshunds who brighten every room they enter.

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Two great places to get to know Emily Lupita are on her blog and Facebook page.


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New Painting: “La Familia”


“La Familia”

watercolor & ink

by artist Emily Lupita

Art prints & original painting are now available in my little online art shop.

Love & Blessings,

Emily Lupita



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New Drawing – Mama & Baby Portrait

I’m continuing with the feeling and flow of my new style. These are two of my latest drawings – based off one of my favorite pictures of me and my son. 💕 I’m still thinking about color. There are so many options! 🌈

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New Design: Butterfly #1

“Butterfly #1” ink drawing and color illustration by Emily Lupita.


Sending happiness,

-Emily Lupita


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“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The big art is our life.” – M.C. Richards


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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year from Emily Lupita Studio!

Sending out wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!

I love writing New Year resolutions & this year I decided to create a fun poster to display some of them here in my studio.

2014 6 SQUARE

Sharing here the steps to make one of your own…I’d love to see what you create!

New Year Resolutions Poster Project:

#1: Find a picture or photograph that you love. (I used one of my landscape paintings I made of San Cristobal.)

#2: Divide the picture into 9 squares. Fade out the middle square and four of the corner squares.

#3: Write the year in the middle and your resolutions in the corners. Play around with the fonts & colors.

#4: Put up your inspirational poster somewhere you’ll see it every morning and visualize your dreams coming true!


-Emily Lupita

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This Week: Book Pre-Order & Thank You Cards & Alphabet Drawings

This Week @ Emily Lupita Studio:

I’m excited to share that the pre-order listing for The Artist’s Alphabet book is now up in my Etsy Shop. This is cool because if you’d like a copy, you can order it now online and as soon as the books arrive at my studio I’ll ship one out to you. I’ll sign each pre-order copy and will also be happy to dedicate the book to someone special, just let me know who in the “notes to seller” section at checkout.

This is the link:

The book will also be available on in December, but anything ordered directly from Amazon won’t be signed or dedicated since the books ship out directly from the warehouse and won’t pass through my hands.

I was so happy to receive the special “Thank You!” cards I designed this week. I’m really pleased with how they turned out and find myself picking them up over & over and smiling. Now that the cards are here, I’ve started writing my thank you notes to each of my 75 Kickstarter backers. I’ve enjoyed spending time with each note & thinking about each individual person as I write to thank them. I hope my backers love their cards!

I’ve also been continuing my work on the original alphabet paintings. I’ve finished drawing a few more of the canvases – Friendship and Gratitude.

Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

-Emily Lupita

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