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New Painting – Lupita and Her Captain 2.0

My newest painting is modeled after a photograph of me holding my son, Charlie. These are a few of the steps I went through to create the painting. I used an Apple Pencil and the software called Procreate. It’s very calming and relaxing for me to paint this way. I love playing with color and texture, with the different layers upon layers.


Emily Lupita

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This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress



This week I’ve been working on a special painting in my Lupita Portrait series titled, “Ashley in a Green Dress.” It features my Ashley Lupita, based on my beautiful sister-in-law. 
6-1 Portrait Ashley Green Dress

In this painting, Ashley has bright pink wings and wears a brilliant green dress. When I made this painting I was thinking about all the wonderful things Ashley has done for our family, and how she brings her great strength and compassion with her wherever she goes.

August 18 2013_1

I’ve been enjoying adding various backgrounds to this painting for different effects. Here are a few different versions. I am thinking this series would make cool greeting cards someday.


-Emily Lupita

Featured Painting:

“Lupita Portrait – Ashley in a Green Dress”

Irodori watercolors & Sakura ink on Canson art board

From the Lupita Portraits watercolor series by Emily Lupita Plum-Guclu, 2013

Prints, cards & iphone cases of this painting now available in my Gallery & Artwork Shop or at this direct link:

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Introducing Lupita Portraits: Juanita in a Blue Dress

5-1 Portrait Juanita Blue Dress

Introducing a new series of paintings I’ve named “Lupita Portraits.” These are paintings I’ve been making on 8 x 10 Canson watercolor art board of women with wings, portrait style. This painting is “Juanita in a Blue Dress” and is an homage to my beautiful mother, Juana Maria.

Those of you who haven gotten to know my artwork over the years may be surprised that all the paintings in this Lupita watercolor series have faces and are painted in a slightly different style. I was surprised, too! As an artist I sometimes wonder where the paintings come from – and how it is I can be creating the image, but then also surprised by it. However it happens, a surprise…something new…is very exciting!