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The Evolution of Emily Brontë

This Week At Emily Lupita Studio ~ The View From My Art Desk

I decided to try something new – watercolor portraits of women writers I admire. My first portrait is an homage to Emily Brontë,  the English novelist and poet, best remembered for her only novel, the classic, Wuthering Heights.

My starting inspiration was the Humbert Portrait, which is from an unknown artist of the mid-19th century.


First step – drawing the portrait out in pencil. I wanted it to be similar to my inspiration, but in my own style. I gave her a pair of my favorite earrings and a modern hair style (and added highlights to the hair later as well.)


Next I made a digital illustration from the pencil drawing, playing around with color. I added in an Emily Brontë quote I love.  (For a zoom-able version that’s easier to read, visit it in my Etsy shop ~ here.)

Emily Bronte Quote Wuthering Heights


Once I had the colors as I liked them, I went back to the pencil drawing and started the watercolor process.


There are 6 different colors in her face alone. The hair has around 8 different shades.


This style is what I call my “fashionista” style because it’s similar to illustrations for fashion design. It’s a completely different technique than my usual Lupita style of painting. Also using a different paper that absorbs the water much faster than my usual cold press paper.


And here she is, my first watercolor portrait of a woman writer I admire. Maybe the first & only…maybe the first of many.

Emily Bronte Quote Wuthering Heights


Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita


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