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Kiva Micro Loans – Giving Back

This Week At Emily Lupita Studio – Giving Back With Kiva Micro Loans

One of the best parts of starting my own small business is having the opportunity to give back in ways that are meaningful for me. To this end, I donate a percentage of all profits from Emily Lupita Studio to serve as micro loans via the international organization Kiva.

Globe World Tree Artwork by Emily Lupita Studio

Right now I have a loan out to a young woman in Armenia who is using the collective loans she’s received through Kiva (which includes my contribution) to go to college. She wants to be a teacher. Without student loans available and because she comes from a poor family – this loan has the potential to change the course of her life. She is now in the process of repaying the loan and once it is fully repaid, I can loan it out again.

For the next three days (until June 30th) Kiva is offering $25 free loans to everyone who signs up using my lender link – here .

This is the full link:


Globe World Tree Houses Neighborhood Community

When you loan out your free $25, I will then also get $25 added to my loan bank to give. This makes $50 loaned out at no cost to us. I wanted to share this opportunity with you all because I know many of you are interested in this sort of giving and I’ve found Kiva to be a good, reputable place to do it.

Sending wishes for a beautiful week ahead,

~Emily Lupita



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