This Week at Emily Lupita Studio: One Month Blogiversary & Aya Sofya Painting

Thank You!

Today I’m celebrating the one month anniversary of my new Emily Lupita Studio blog. Sending out a special Thank You! to everyone who has visited, followed, and/or left a comment during my first month. I’ve so enjoyed getting it all set up and writing a little each day about my artwork and travels. I’m happy to have met my start up goal of a full month of daily posts, and hope to keep up with my long-term goal of at least weekly updates from here on out.


This Week at Emily Lupita Studio:

This week I’ve been continuing my work on my new Aya Sofya painting and I have everything done now except the background on the original.  I have just this morning decided on a turquoise blue background with purple flowers and should finish soon now that I am (happily and gratefully) returned to my peaceful daily life back in the studio.

I’ll post the final painting in my Artwork Gallery when finished. I also like to keep a version of the painting with a white background, as well as choose a paper background for my portrait paintings. For this design I decided on a cool paper with swirls in purple and gold. This means for each painting, there may end up being three or four design versions.

Aya Sofya Lupita Post

You can see the details of the two versions (above) that I’ve already finished in my Artwork Gallery here:

and here:

For more info on the mosaic inspiration behind this painting, please see my earlier blog post here:

I wish you a wonderful week full of happiness,

-Emily Lupita

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  1. Soul Gifts says:

    Your early Lupita paintings are very different to the ones you are creating now – I wonder why that is….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just changing and growing with life 💞 I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mom says:

    It’s just amazing all of the special art work that you do, it’s hard for me to pick out a favorite painting. I love this one because its a new type of painting especially the eyes they are unique and fit the rest of the design very well! Definitely one of my favorites..


    1. Thanks! It is exciting to have a new painting appear. I’m so happy you like it!


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