Week 4 of Kickstarter: The Final Week Begins

This Week at Emily Lupita Studio

Week 4 of my month-long Kickstarter project begins today.  I had 7 wonderful people back my project in the third week and now have 60% of the total pledges needed to fund my art book project.

It has been a joy designing the book pages and receiving such great encouragement & support from my incredible group of backers. I’m still hopeful that the remaining 40% of pledges needed will find their way to my project before October 31st.

Thank You WHITE

I designed this special “Thank You!” card especially for my awesome backers. I have it all prepared to send to the print shop on November 01st, hoping my optimistic actions might somehow help give my project that extra boost of positive energy needed for it to succeed in the final week.

Thanks Inside Postcard

This is another hopeful design I made this week, “A Note of Thanks.” I love how the paintings & letters flow together to create a bright & colorful thank you card. This might be another option for my special backer cards – or perhaps I’ll try to create a combination of the two designs.

I’ve been working on the letters for such a long time – now that they are all finished I’m really enjoying the process of combining them into words & special designs. Here’s another I made as an update to my project page.

Imagine a new alphabet

Thanks for all your encouragement. One more week…

-Emily Lupita

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HOPE Definition Page

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